Good morning! It’s Thursday September 15th.

It’s a great day in the Caribbean to have a conference. While there are a tropical storms threatening, we are in the middle of hurricane season but no named disturbances have landed in the region in 2022. Not yet…Phew!

Tour video – I just created a video for the HelpDesk that gives attendees a 9 minute tour of all things related to the conference. We offer many layers of assistance.

Conference chat – using a new technology under development, we have set up an experimental conference chat. To gain access, make sure to register (for security purposes, we don’t want anonymous troublemakers.)

Meet & Greet / Networking – we’re getting together at 4:45pm today/Thursday on Airmeet for a structured networking session. Let’s meet other attendees to the conference before we get busy over the next two days.

Today is also about downloads – go check out the schedule by clicking on the link. Then…last time…register.

Finally, we have a Conference Store with some good deals from our speakers/sponsors.

See you later!


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