The 2022 Virtual Conference is being hosted by CaribHRForum.

The organization was founded in 2003 by Francis Wade as a way to bring together HR professionals from around the region using the latest technologies. He was later joined by Dale Pilgrim-Wade.

For several years, the Forum (a volunteer organization) existed as a group mailing list with a podcast/radio show featuring interviews with Caribbean and international thought leaders. Recently, it’s taken advantage of new technology to create an online platform using Mighty Networks.

With a reach of over 1600 HR practitioners and a presence on several social networks, the Forum has consistently taken the lead in bringing together the region’s best minds in the field. The Virtual Conference is the most recent commitment.

CaribHRForum is underwritten by Framework Consulting Inc. (a Florida company), which supports several similar efforts to bring together experts and learners using new technology.

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