But some Caribbean HR Professionals are watching events unfold rather than leading the way.

At the recently concluded CaribHRForum Virtual Conference, 63  expert speakers and presenters were challenged to equip HR with what it needs to carve out new workspaces by 2023.

The conclusion?

HR must step out and acquire mindsets, toolsets and skillsets that are new, but necessary. It’s the only way to lead this once-in-a-lifetime transformation.

After all, most CEO’s, CFO’s, COO’s and CMO’s don’t have what it takes. They simply lack the background. By contrast, HR has the capacity to engage staff appropriately…To create a new culture…To increase productivity regardless of where work is being performed.

These are some of the issues our presenters tackled in a variety of conference topics. Unfortunately, few attendees were able to attend all 31 live sessions, and review all 48 pre-recordings. Most of us have a life filled with important obligations.

Here’s a solution.

To open the doors to a library of all conference downloads, consider an All Access Pass.

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