Are you a busy professional who wanted to attend the free Virtual Conference, but simply couldn’t find the time or weren’t advised?

If so, you might want to know about this special programme designed to give you a unique post-conference experience that can actually fit into your busy schedule.

The CaribHRForum Post-Conference Experience Programme is an upgrade from normal free attendance which is designed to give you an on-demand experience of the event.

It includes:

  • a special lifetime All Access Pass to all 75 hours of conference videos, plus a guide to help you navigate the content at your leisure i.e. on-demand
  • COVID-era insights from 73 speakers, almost all with Caribbean backgrounds, including eight with PhD’s
  • live Q&A interviews, panels plus pre-recorded in-depth sessions (The full list is here.)
  • new ideas in exclusive post-conference webinars on advanced topics
  • a private group for Post-Conference Experience members

This is your way of becoming “A Bigger You. Better You” even though you missed the actual event. Instead, with more time, you’ll actually see and learn more than the average conference participant…all at your own pace, never feeling as if you are rushed.

Plus, you’ll be catching up on all the latest ideas necessary to stay ahead in these pandemic times.

It’s all the learning you’ll need for a full year.

Don’t miss this opportunity to make the most of the 2020 CaribHRForum Virtual Conference! Also, your purchase goes a long way to supporting our organization’s well-being – this is CaribHRForum’s primary fundraiser. The price is US$149.

N.B. We also offer a Multiple All Access Pass for organizations with more than two HR Professionals. These discounts are described here.

And if you prefer to make a PayPal payment, use this page.

Finally, if you just want to make a donation to CaribHRForum to support the work we’re doing in the region, please do so here.