Are you a busy HR professional who wanted to attend more of the Virtual Conference, but simply didn’t find the time?

Or, maybe you missed all of it. After all, you have a job, family and a life! The advertisements and word-of-mouth communication simply didn’t penetrate your world of existing commitments.

But you still want to find ways to keep growing and learning. COVID has disrupted the growth of many HR professionals who used to attend training and conferences, while receiving informal updates at meetings of their local associations.

While there’s no substitute for face-to-face communication, no-one in the Caribbean is ready to turn off the protocols, lockdown days and move back to offices. It’s far too early.

However, there should be a way for you, as an HR Professional, to prepare for the inevitable switch to more in-person work. And other big changes which are coming.

The CaribHRForum Virtual conference was built on the idea that HR can lead the way: “Carving Out a New Caribbean Workspace.” And if you missed the event, or some of it, or would like to request a “do-over”, here’s something that might help.

The CaribHRForum All Access Pass unlocks a door to a library of all 2021 conference materials. This includes 48 pre-recorded and 31 live videos (about 50 hours in total).

98% of the talks were given by regional speakers with an exceptional understanding of the challenges faced by HR departments from Bermuda to Suriname. This makes it easy to apply their ideas to your workplace, where it counts.

With a year of access, you’ll be able to download and view videos on a range of HR topics 24 hours per day, even if you are on the go. You’ll be able to be productively learning even when you are in a line waiting, or looking for an alternative to social media or television.

Finally, you’ll be able to use the “Spacing Effect” – an improved way to learn, by spreading out your engagement with the materials, rather than cramming it into three days. Your life, career and projects will benefit as you apply new concepts, confident that you won’t fall behind the cutting edge.

It’s more than a convenience. Consider this to be an investment you choose to make in yourself.

Don’t short-change your commitment to learn and grow. This is important.

N.B. We also offer a Multiple All Access Pass for organizations with more than two HR Professionals. Contact us for more information.

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Last year, by divine order, I came across the advertisement for the annual CaribHRForum HR Conference, three days before the Conference and my attendance turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life.  This was one of the best conferences I ever attended: the wide ranging topics, powerful and inspiring presenters, excellent support team.  Additionally, attendance came with a real bonus, which I was unaware at the time of registration: a supportive Caribbean HR Community.  The CaribHRForum is a support group for HR Professionals in the Caribbean and the two key driving forces behind the organisation, which keeps us connected and sharing are Francis Wade and Dale Pilgrim-Wade.

There are so many presentations and given the simultaneous presentations, it is not possible to attend all the sessions, during the Conference; yet you want to miss none of the presentations.  The only way to ensure you benefit from all the presentations is the purchase of the “All Access Pass.”   The “All Access Pass,” gives you the opportunity to listen to all the presentations, the flexibility to return to the presentations at any time thus giving you an added bonus of expanding your HR Library and resource base.  The “All Access Pass,” is a must-purchase for all HR Professionals. 

There is a Huge, Generous Discount offered on the “All Access Pass,” until Thursday, September 16, 2021. Take Advantage of this great offer and at the same time support the expansion of our Caribbean HR Community.  Register Today!

Valda Henry, Deputy Governor Designate, Eastern Caribbean Central Bank

Dr. Valda Henry

“As Human Resources and Learning & Development professionals sometimes our lives get hectic doing the day-to-day. The CaribHRForum Virtual conference was scheduled for three days and as much as wanted to be able to attend every section in person I wasn’t about to fool myself that it would happen.

Francis and the team were thinking way ahead of me and they came up with the All-Access Pass and believe me when I say, I did not miss the live session. Watching the session allowed me the time to learn and grow despite my busy schedule. Additionally, the pass gave me the flexibility and the feeling of being in the live conference. So, for all you busy professionals out there, who are thinking about the conference, take my advice and get yourself the all-access pass you won’t regret it. I have not.”