Like most HR Professionals, you may know the importance of developing upcoming individuals who appear to have the skills needed to make a great contribution. Perhaps you also might agree that such people are hard to come by, and they sometimes become disillusioned.

But how do you go about creating programmes that challenge them in the right way so they remain engaged and keep growing in the right directions?

Join Marjorie Wharton from Breakthrough Performance Consulting on two occasions during the conference as she tackles this tricky problem.

She’s put together a pre-recorded video which is available in the downloads for each day. Look for this headshot in the lineup:

You can also ask her questions during her live Q&A. She’s scheduled to appear in Presentation Hall at 11am Ja time / 12 pm T&T time.

Don’t miss this opportunity to develop your high potential programme in an interactive discussion.

Here’s a short introduction to her company.

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