How well are you growing your network of HR colleagues and friends online?

Before COVID, we knew what it took to make new friendships and foster them. Lunches, meetings and conference meetups were the places where real connections were made. However, in virtual spaces, it’s not so easy.

Come to this networking session with the intent to do some fun, but intentional linking up. You’ll be meeting face to face with other HR Professionals in the region ahead of our conference on Sep 16-18.

We’ll have some exercises that will help you break the ice, hosted by our team of Samantha Wilkinson, Rageif Grayson, Tramaine Campbell, Rekha Williams and Julie Seegobin.

Come and enjoy some virtual island hopping through the nuances that make our region so unique. The session is designed to help us meet each other, put faces and voices to names, and deepen some bonds in an after-work format.

Don’t miss this! We’re building up to our virtual conference next week time, and there will be prizes and surprises.

You can register for free here.

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