It’s a valid question that folks often ask – how can a conference of this nature be free? The answer is simple – our costs are underwritten by purchases of the All Access Pass, our donors and sponsors.

  1. The All Access Pass is a package of all the content from the conference, including videos generated live or pre-recorded. Recipients are able to view the event’s major events at their own leisure.
  2. Donors include those who make a financial contribution to our cause. When anyone registers, there is an option to enter a number other than zero which triggers the opportunity to pay an increased amount.
  3. Sponsors are companies or organizations who receive special exposure for their brand to our audience.

Underlying these financial realities is the fact that the CaribHRForum is not a profit making venture, has no employees and relies heavily on the kindness of volunteers. Over the years (since 2003) we have had numerous people work with the organization. We have a lot to be thankful for!

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