If you have ever been to a face-to-face HR Conference you are probably familiar with the experience of attending lectures and/or panels in a big hall with other attendees, while networking with colleagues and exhibitors/sponsors between sessions. In our virtual conference you gain many of the same benefits, plus others, via different methods – all of which are done online.

As a participant, you will have an opportunity learn, interact and network using three distinct online venues.

First, you’ll be able to view high-quality pre-recorded content from 40+ experts on each day of the event. Most speakers are from the Caribbean and their content covers a number of topic areas intended for the pandemic-influenced world in which we live.

These will be hosted on CaribHRForum.com, on specially designed pages that allow you to watch via any device or browser you wish. Each presentation is available for at least 24 hours.

Second, we will also have daily, live-scheduled Q&A’s in which one or more of our speakers are interviewed by a host who shares questions from the audience. This will be done by video and text. In a few cases, the Q&A will be preceded by a talk.

In addition, you’ll also be able to interact with the speakers in small groups in a virtual conference room with multiple tables. As you do so, you’ll have a chance to spend time meeting other participants via video-chat. The Remo.co technology allows us to make this magic happen, giving you a chance to walk away with some solid new connections. (Introverts and shy folks love this app as it helps them network in a brand new way that’s less stressful!)

Third, we’ll be offering free, trial memberships to the CaribHRForum Community. This 18 month old network was built using Mighty Networks and has been hosting hundreds of HR Professionals in our private platform.

It also houses content created before the conference: webinars, articles and group conversations. You can use it to meet other people (as you would on an app like LinkedIn) but also get them to know you, regardless of where they live in the region.

Finally, the community will also be hosting a store where you can download free conference content (a Swag Bag) plus make any purchases of ebooks and other digital products.

After the event is over, you can leave the community, or simply continue your Trial Membership indefinitely.

But if you really enjoy the conference and want to be able to see all the sessions on your own time, we’ll also give you the opportunity to purchase an All Access Pass. This digital product is really a special bundle of all the conference’s content, designed for your convenience.

If you can’t attend the conference, this could be a great solution!

A Typical Conference Day

What might your typical day at the virtual conference look and feel like?

Each day starts with a live Opening Session on the Remo Platform. It’s an opportunity to being  the day with the latest news, consider any last minute changes or surprises, and meet with other participants.

Here’s a picture of a Remo session.

Then you might consult the schedule for the day. There will be lots to choose from, including Live Q&A’s and Panel Discussions, plus many pre-recorded sessions.

You would choose the sessions you are most interested in, while leaving time to visit the online Community where you can find a discussion taking place on conference topics.

Finally, you may attend the live Closing Session which will be an opportunity to relax with, chat and meet other conference participants. We are planning a number of interactive activities for each session to have some fun while unwinding after a full day of learning.

You can find the 2020 schedule here. On the page How Does it Apply to Me? you can find a link to the actual topic areas. The final timetable of events will be released a week or two before the conference.

Make sure to register for free here if you haven’t done so already.

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