One of the questions that is bound to come up: “Are you guys taking at CaribHRForum advantage of these perilous times?”

In other words, is this idea of a virtual conference motivated by the threat of COVID-19?

Well, the truth of the matter is that we at Framework Consulting planned to do 2 summits/virtual conferences in 2020. The first one was planned for March 5-7, 2020.

The second one for Caribbean HR Professionals was planned for May 2020, but we realized back in December that these events are much bigger than we had thought.

Thank goodness we did that! There would have been no way to do two events so close to each other.

And then, as we prepared for the Time Blocking Virtual Summit, COVID-19 became more than just a distant curiosity. Even as the event ended, we had only a vague idea of the health risk that was approaching.

Now, here in Jamaica, no gatherings are permitted of more than 10 people. Several live conferences and meetings are being postponed indefinitely or until next year. Virtual confabs like ours are replacing them.

So, not the timing is purely “Buck-Up” as we say in Jamaica. But it may be an idea whose time has finally arrived.

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