The workshops have been postponed due to circumstances beyond our control. We plan to reschedule them for October in the instance of Workshop #1.

Get Started with HR Analytics – Workshop #1

Developing Your Digital Readiness in a Caribbean Company

Sep 15, 9:00am Ja / 10:00am T&T

You’re an HR Professional in the Caribbean whose company hasn’t invested as much as it should in the HR function for some time. Training in People Analytics? Digital Dashboards? Evidence-Based HR? Digital Transformation? These investments have just not happened.

But you remain committed to your development, and welcome great learning opportunities. Especially when they are meant for beginners, who just want a safe way to get their feet wet.

Who this is for: Someone who is just starting their journey on HR data analytics.

Creating HR Analytic Dashboards – Workshop #2

Sep 15, 1:30pm / 2:30pm T&T

You’re not a novice HR Professional in HR Analytics. In fact, you have been doing some analyses on data you have collected, or collated. As you share your findings, you have had an impact. But you want to take things up a level, to tell stories that actually transform those who hear them.

An essential reporting tool for you to tell these stories is a Data Dashboard made up of metrics you are tracking. Not that these are easy to make.

They require meaningful visualizations and insightful narratives. As such, this is an intermediate level, hands-on workshop designed to develop an appreciation for data within the HR function and to grow your skills.

But this is more than a growth opportunity.