On the surface, this conference is just like any other: an opportunity to learn, interact and network.

However, the fact is that this is a virtual event being held in the Caribbean means that a few things are quite different.

Firstly, we designed this conference for a Caribbean audience. Via the use of sponsors and paid Super-Learner Tickets, we can make complimentary e-tickets available. As such, HR Professionals who normally could not afford an event of this scope are able to attend.

For many, this is a first. It’s a way to match the economic and financial realities most HR Professionals face daily.

Secondly, we are using online technologies that drive down the cost of a conference. Gone are the travel and hotel fees, as well as the cost of the venue.

Finally, we chose to focus on a theme which is right on the cutting edge- HR Analytics: Transforming Companies for a Digital Future. We are committed to help regional HR Professionals close real gaps in their mindsets, skillsets, and toolsets.

If this sounds like an opportunity to initiate a personal transformation, it should. We have pulled together a wide range of topics, interactive technologies, and experts to give you the best way to grow your capabilities in three short days.

Enjoy the experience – make sure you are registered here.