On the surface, this conference is just like any other: an opportunity to learn, interact and network.

However, the fact this this is a virtual event being held in the Caribbean means that a few things are quite different.

First of all, we designed this conference for our audience here in the region. We consciously made it free, which makes it possible for anyone who wanted to attend to do so.


We intend to deliver value to as wide an audience as possible, reducing the normal barriers that block so many HR Professionals from growing the way they want. By so doing, we should engage as many as possible, helping them to meet each other while learning from some of the Caribbean’s best thinkers…all in a matter of a few days.

Secondly, we want our attendees to deal with the notion that, since the recession of 2008 and possibly before, HR has been putting its own development needs last. In other words, few folks in HR have received direct funding to take courses, attend conferences or hire coaches/consultants. Consequently, in the mind of many CEO’s/MD’s, HR’s skill have not kept up. This became apparent during COVID-19 when this under-investment created unnecessary challenges.

Our remedy in these tumultuous, pandemic times? To help HR “Carve Out a new Caribbean Workspace.” This can’t be done from behind, but by leading from the front.

A powerful HR Conference will prepare you to take on this challenge, but not shouting the loudest. Instead, come and equip yourself to lead your organization by learning from your colleagues in the region.

If this sounds like an opportunity to initiate a personal transformation, it should. We have pulled together a wide range of topics, interactive technologies and experts to give you the best way to grow your capabilities in three short days.

As you put them together, you may experience a conference that is unlike anything the region has ever seen.

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