If you happen to be an HR Professional living in, or originally from the Caribbean, you may know that in these recessionary times few regional companies have retained their training budgets.

Most have cut them to the core, leaving little or nothing for their HR Assistants, Officers, Managers, Directors and VP’s to develop themselves. It’s an irony: those who are in charge of enhancing the skills of others are expected to see about their own training, or worse…do without it.

The same applies to freelancers and consultants who simply can’t afford to pay for a single day of training, let alone a full conference. For example, attendance at a SHRM or ATD confab in North America is simply out of the question.

Consequently, many regional HR professionals have surrendered.

In the CaribHRForum Virtual Conference we want to shift the conversation.

Our goal is to leave you empowered to find ways to put on your own mask first. To take charge of your development and well-being in all areas.

Come to the conference prepared to engage in a transformation in which you leave inspired to develop yourself faster than anyone else in your company, or client organizations. We’ll be talking about:

  • extreme self-care as a way to empower yourself at all times
  • technology as a means to find the learning you need anywhere in the world, on the tiniest of budgets
  • crafting a career path in uncertain times
  • being a role model for learning
  • building a COVID-fit organization
  • transitioning employees to the new normal

(The list of conference topics can be found here.)

The truth is, your role as an HR Professional has never been more important. Imagine leaving the conference being energized to become A Bigger You. Better You.

That’s what we want!

If the idea of becoming a highly self-developed HR Professional appeals to you, don’t leave this site without registering today for the CaribHRForum Virtual Conference 2020.

And let your colleagues know that this important, first-of-its-kind opportunity shouldn’t be missed.

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