In this year’s conference we have chosen a theme which is not a part of the traditional training HR Professionals receive.

HR Analytics: Transforming Companies for a Digital Future.

Over the past few years, we have noticed some of the same things you may have: CEO’s who don’t comprehend HR…asking for better analytic dashboards, digital skills and data fluency.

You have heard these ideas floating around, in places like the AIHR study of HR Competencies and the Harvard Business Review article entitled “Democratizing Transformation” by Satya Nadella. Being competent and being seen as an HR Leader are both important to you. But these are probably not subjects you studied in school. And doing (another!) degree in People Analytics is not possible in the Caribbean – it’s not being offered.

Faced with the lack of options, you have not given up…just stalled.

Our intent is to get you unstuck. With three days of immersion in HR Analytics you can pick up a working knowledge of a number of new areas from our experts. Using what you learn, you can become a more effective advocate of the changes your company needs to make.

With greater skillsets, mindset and toolsets you’ll be able to answer the call from the future for digitally savvy HR Professionals. Our region needs these individuals so we can compete in a shrinking world.

Come to the conference ready to play your part in movement within HR that is transforming everything.

If the idea of leading the digital transformation with HR skills appeals to you, don’t leave this site without registering today for the CaribHRForum Virtual Conference 2022.

And let your colleagues know that this important, first-of-its-kind opportunity shouldn’t be missed.