Unfortunately, as a Caribbean professional, the odds are high that you have never attended a cross-regional Human Resource conference.


As you probably know, a full one has never been offered. Why? Some of the reasons given range from the distance between our countries and territories,  to high transportation costs, to weak economies, to cultural differences.

However, some have attended international conventions held in other parts of the world. But…they don’t quite hit the mark. The cultural differences between our region’s concerns and those found abroad are vast.

At the same time, those who are fortunate to have traveled in the region know what it’s like to discover other HR professionals who are just like them. They have found that we share SO many of the same things! Carnival. West Indies cricket. UWI. Reggae. Calypso. Food. These are just a few of our shared winners.

That’s why we’re inviting you to join us in putting together the Caribbean’s first regional virtual conference for human resource professionals.

CaribHRForum was created in 2003 with a similar goal to other integrational efforts: to bring the region’s HR Professionals together. The twist we added was that we’d make full use of the internet, and be an online organization. With a few thousand people in our mailing list by 2018, it was only a matter of time before we transitioned to an online platform, and ultimately to a virtual conference in 2020.

Our vision for the event is to help you create “A Bigger You, Better You.” The way to accomplish this is for “HR to put on its own mask first” – where you take care of your training and development first.

So for three days in September, just after school starts, block some time in your calendar to meet with your colleagues to learn, grow and have some fun. 

Attendance? Free. Register today and let others know.

Update: While the conference was scheduled several months before the appearance of COVID-19, things have certainly changed. Due to the pandemic, CaribHRForum Virtual Conference 2020 will probably be the only full training/networking event many HR Professionals will attend for some time. While it’s an unfortunate situation, we intend to make this inaugural cross-regional event a memorable one.

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