Is your organization interested in being a Virtual Conference Partner?

So far, 2020 has been a year of massive, unimaginable disruptions, thanks to COVID-19.

Many organizations are reeling from the shock, and so are their employees. The Human Resource function has been stretched as never before.

Now, more than ever, the average HR Professional needs to pay attention to his/her personal and professional development. While most have put off their learning and growth for a better time when more funds (and time) are available, this virtual conference will bring quality learning to their screens for free, courtesy of some of the best speakers in the field who are focused on the Caribbean.

This is no small undertaking and the small team at CaribHRForum doesn’t want to do it alone. If you are reading this page, it might be that your organization has been invited to be our partner in putting on our Virtual Conference on September 17-29, 2020.

What Does Partnership Mean?

In essence, it’s an easy, low-cost way of the CaribHRForum Virtual Conference to work with regional HR organizations. We believe that you may have access to resources that complement what we’re doing in the virtual space and vice versa.

In addition, we believe that our partners will share in the credit of putting on the first virtual HR Conference. This may be important in letting your audience know that you are moving with the times, and not getting stuck in doing only in-person events.

Contact us if your organizations has an interest in becoming a partner so we can talk further.